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Made to last … Redwing shoes

Redwing Shoes in 1905 the company was founded in 1905 by merchant Charles Beckman, in the firm belief that every worker had to wear shoes well made and, above all, strength. And ‘one of the century-old factories that have made the American Midwest, just like the nearby Harley-Davidson Motor Company (1903, milwaukee). Watching a pair of Redwing … Continua a leggere

Riders magazine and RedWingShoes

Editorial riders appeared on the month of February, a trip made in america. There is also talkof Redwing shoes ….. This boot is a old-new style, a historyc moctoe……. available now in store…..for info contact me or send email..  

Passion beats envy ……

Dear friends after some years finally the true story of carhartt and the real reasons that led to the separation. We start giving a brief description of the protagonists of the story: slamjam-Italian distributor (will never be mentioned and you’ll understand why reading) Julius Ganzaroli (Accounting until about 2006) Cesare Fragnielli (resp agents and agent … Continua a leggere

Lele883………Handmade in calabria….

Una bella storia calabrese, la passione per l’artigianato e lavorazione del cuoio. Eleonora Perugini, 30 anni, laureata in legge, avvocato di professione, artigiana per passione. Terminati gli studi in giurisprudenza ha conseguito il diploma triennale presso l’accademia di Alta Moda Altieri (RM), specializzandosi come modista. La passione è difatti la produzione artigianale di accessori, è … Continua a leggere

News for Summer 2012….Olibertè shoes

This brand was founded with the aim to raise awareness of the healthy part of Africa, made up of people who work, live and produce Serana. Each product is made entirely in Olibertè African territory, creating job opportunities in an area abandoned and corrupt. In Africa, the middle class is increasing in size and a Oliberté … Continua a leggere

History of Genovese store

The company “Genovese” starts its activities in 1800 in Calabria at the hands of Mary Nicola Genovese in that Fiumefreddo Bruzio (cs). Starting with the merchandise and then slowly expanding over the years. The business had a number of products, boasting a record of innovative merchant time, sniffing the tastes of customers in advance of the customer … Continua a leggere

Moscot eyerwear…

MOSCOT is a New York City eyewear institution. It is renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear – The MOSCOT Originals, MOSCOT Spirit, MOSCOT Originals Sun and MOSCOT Sun Collections. MOSCOT infuses its unmistakably refined, downtown aesthetic with nearly 100 years of eyewear expertise and unparalleled craftsmanship to create its timeless eyewear. While now recognized as … Continua a leggere