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Avirex made in Usa……in store now

In 1942 a small workshop in Long Island gets the first exclusive license for the production of leather jackets for the U.S. Air Force and for decades provided the American aviation under the label “Avirex”. Spend more than thirty years before a young New York attorney and track down the small business and his partner, … Continua a leggere

Working in Progress….for you…

Dear friends We are working on a new blog more dynamic and efficient, better able to respond to your needs, new trends of the metropolis, new styles, looking for a new tradition that continues. We apologize if the items are reduced during this period … but if we are improving services …..

Quintin & co… summer 2012..

The stagine is about to begin, & co-fifths of a brand on the rise presents the hats is cool in America. Beloved by bikers, skaters, surfers, but also by interested members of thestreetwear world.Our store is always attentive to new trends in the field of metropolitan and urban streetwearbrand will be a point of reference for the upcoming season.Photos are indicative but a lot of this chapter you can find them in our store after March 15,soon online in our eshop.For more info contact me or you look directly at the store.  

Made to last … Redwing shoes

Redwing Shoes in 1905 the company was founded in 1905 by merchant Charles Beckman, in the firm belief that every worker had to wear shoes well made and, above all, strength. And ‘one of the century-old factories that have made the American Midwest, just like the nearby Harley-Davidson Motor Company (1903, milwaukee). Watching a pair of Redwing … Continua a leggere

Passion beats envy ……

Dear friends after some years finally the true story of carhartt and the real reasons that led to the separation. We start giving a brief description of the protagonists of the story: slamjam-Italian distributor (will never be mentioned and you’ll understand why reading) Julius Ganzaroli (Accounting until about 2006) Cesare Fragnielli (resp agents and agent … Continua a leggere